I helped AEF find their tribe and clarify their
    value proposition.
    “Tekisha helped me to discover clear insights to
    who my customers are and how I can be of
    service to them. The playbook that she created
    for my business is a tool that I can continue to
    refer back to. I look forward to working with
    Tekisha with each new growth step in my
    business to keep it updated and successful.”
    — Brenda Bradshaw
    Founder at Aefacilitators.com
  • 1984V
    I helped Tiara Chameleon reimagine her platform
    for delivery vintage style inspiration to her tribe.
    “Tekisha was able to assist me in restructuring
    my company in a way that will produce better
    results. Her enthusiasm and attention to detail
    throughout the process was exceptional. My
    expectations were exceeded on multiple levels.”
    — Tiara Chameleon, Founder at 1984V
    I provided Mama Tress with the tools to set
    measurable marketing objectives and to
    analyze data for decision making.
    “We learned the foundation of setting objectives
    for marketing campaigns and the specific
    questions to ask to reach goals and objectives. I
    was really grateful for the information regarding
    forecasting — both how to do it, why it’s essential,
    and how to feel confident using this skill in to
    make informed decisions to grow our business.”
    — Hannah Choi, Founder at Mamatress.com