• Conagra Brands

    Conagra Brands

    As one of the largest US packaged food companies with sales over $8 billion per year, ConAgra’s foods fill the refrigerators, freezers, and pantries of most households. Tekisha helped Conagra brands launch two new items — Healthy Choice Power Bowls and Marie Callender’s Delights.

    She led the development of integrated marketing campaigns to enhance the consumer buying experience and support the launch of new items at a major national retailer [Kroger]. This included a multipronged approach to connect with consumers along the path to purchase--from out-of-store brand awareness to in-store trial incentives. The resulting business impact was strong sales of the new items, which outpaced projections.
  • Giant Eagle and ShopRite

    Giant Eagle and ShopRite

    Tekisha helped Giant Eagle (almost 500 stores across the US totaling close to $9 billion in annual sales) and ShopRite, the largest retailer-owned cooperative in the United States, increase sales and create customer value.

    Using the insight that busy shoppers were looking for easy weeknight meal solutions, Tekisha developed a branded dinner campaign that retailers could own. It involved a recipe that they would promote and feature participating grocery items. This encompassed both in-store displays and out of store digital and print advertising. The result of the program was increased sales for the participating brands and strong perceived value from customers.
  • Remedy Body Shop

    Remedy Body Shop

    The objective was to clarify the brand positioning and build a marketing campaign for the company that will provide a solid foundation for the commercialization and sales of the company's personal care products. Additionally, we built out visual layout and strategy for Remedy’s Instagram page to establish an aligned presence for the brand. This social media startup service included managing the account for 90 days. The holiday marketing campaign led to a sharp increase in sales based on the bundled offer of five items at a 30% savings. It also led a Spring campaign to continue to drive interest with customers around another key occasion.

    "Tekisha gave me the words to use to communicate about Remedy. Now I’m able to see the brand and I have the words to use. The social media start up gave me the structure I needed to not be overwhelmed by what to post and when." — Shana I., Founder
  • Mama Tress

    Mama Tress

    Mama Tress is a boutique communications agency. We conducted an onsite team training for the members of the Mama Tress agency on: objective setting, marketing campaign reporting and analyzing data to make decisions. Included was the top objectives and tactics for executing marketing campaigns and the reports to run for post-campaign analysis. We also provided the team with the tools to feel confident analyzing data to inform their business decisions.

    "We learned the foundation of setting objectives for marketing campaigns and the specific questions to ask to reach goals and objectives. I was really grateful for the information regarding forecasting—both how to do it, why it’s essential, and how to feel confident using this skill to make informed decisions to grow our business." – Hannah C., Founder
  • Green Roads

    Green Roads

    We worked with Green Roads to build a Go-to-Market strategy for them to enter into the grocery retail channel. Prior to this, they primarily were selling online and with individual or small chain stores and pharmacies. This engagement included guidance on developing marketing and sales materials for their new item. We also leveraged our connections within the grocery retail channel to facilitate introductions and meetings at the Natural Product Expo.

    "Tekisha opened new doors to new channels for Green Roads. Her expert advice on approaching new channels was invaluable. She was able to guide us on a marketing and sales related approach to rolling out in new channels. She was prompt, professional and very agile, which is necessary in the CBD industry that demands quick results. I would highly recommend her for future projects." – Zachary T., Business Development Manager
  • Aclara Research

    Aclara Research

    TH Consulting helps Aclara assess target client strategies and develop actionable marketing solutions based on consumer insights. We also develop client messaging and positioning of Aclara capabilities, along with marketing communication strategy and marketing materials. Aclara Research is a cannabis consumer data and insights company. They help cannabis brands understand their consumers.