Brand and Marketing Discovery

Branding is more than just a memorable logo or tagline. A solid brand also helps to build a long-term relationship with your customers. It is critical for small and start-up businesses because it drives focus and clarity, something necessary when staffs are small and resources are limited.

Once a solid brand is in place, we focus on marketing. There is actually a rhyme and reason
when it comes to approaching marketing the right way. It takes having a good brand, knowing your target market, understanding them as your customer, testing, engaging and repeating. A well thought out marketing strategy will streamline efforts and allow you to quickly eliminate nonbeneficial activities.

The components of this package will leave you with a focused brand for your business that will identify your target customers, clarify your message, position your expertise and increase your visibility with your ideal customers.

• Brand Vision
• Brand Story
• Brand Benefits
• Customer Key Needs & Wants
• Target Audience Profile
• Development of Marketing Messages
• Marketing Campaign Ideas for Conversion
• Marketing Campaign Creative (Add-on)

Clarity Conversations

You’ve done all the things to get the “good job” and now you’re like: Is this it? Ready to make a change, but not sure exactly how or what you want to do next? I have been in your shoes. Not too long ago I left my own “good job” with the nice paycheck because I felt like my spirit was slowly dying. I planned and found my next chapter and can help you get started too.

Being clear about what you really want in life, can help prevent you from chasing things that you think you SHOULD want, those things that impress other people, but don’t light you up. In our two -hour Clarity Conversation you will come away with a plan of action. Here’s what’s included:

• Vision Statement- How do you see your life?
• Find your zone of genius- What are your interests?
• Resource Assessment- What do you have? What do you need?

Getting clarity is the key to gaining a deeper understanding of your motivations, your dreams and yourself. Know this— you have the power to change your experience and choose another path!

Business Coaching Jump Start

Personalized one on one coaching to help you get unstuck and over the hurdle that’s preventing you from thriving. I conduct a situation assessment and we build a plan of action to address a specific concern and drive transformation in your business. Here’s what’s included:

• Situation assessment
• 6 weeks of one on one calls
• Resources and tools to drive change
• Strategic plan for future growth

I’m here to provide you more than a sounding board. I give you solid guidance based on my 16 years of experience with marketing, consumer behavior and strategic planning.