Brand Strategy

Branding is more than a memorable logo or tagline.  A good brand builds credibility and trust, improves recognition, inspires employees and generates new customers. Branding is critical for small and start-up businesses because it drives focus and clarity, something necessary when staffs are small and resources are limited.

A solid brand also helps to build a long-term relationship with your customers. Building a loyal customer base is one of the most profitable strategies for a business to put in place. They usually have around a 60-70% conversion rate vs a new customer who has around 1-3% conversion rate. Loyal customers are also your best brand ambassadors in terms of referrals. So, let’s build you a brand!

Audit& develop your brand's narrative and vision
• Research, define and deliver positioning strategies that maximize relevancy with customers and win in the marketplace
• Identify new growth opportunities for existing brands
• Ensure the ideal customer experience is aligned with the brand promise

Marketing Strategy

Growing your business with marketing is not a quick fix. There is actually a rhyme and reason when it comes to approaching marketing the right way. It takes having a good product, knowing your target market, understanding them as your customer, testing, engaging and repeating. A well thought out marketing strategy will streamline efforts and allow you to quickly eliminate non-beneficial activities. The key to success is to identify your target customer & their motivations, develop a strategy to reach them, execute specified tactics and monitor and adjust the plan as needed.

• Complete customer and target market segmentations to inform business strategy
• Develop unique and compelling value propositions for products or services
• Identify executable go-to-markets strategies to achieve business objectives
• Provide post-analysis measurement tools to track business performance

Opportunity Identification 

Need an infusion of new ideas for how your business operates? Curious about areas that your business can expand to? Can't see the forest through the trees?

The benefit for bringing in someone not involved in your day to day operations is a fresh perspective and objectivity. In my strategic session, we tackle a specific area that you want new ideas in. This could be new services your business can expand to offer or identifying creative ways to increase your customer engagement.

• Conduct opportunity assessment based on business environment
• Pinpoint specific areas for growth, including new products or services
• Immerse team in collaborative ideation session
• Prepare written concepts for testing and develop implementation timeline